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Vastu for Restaurant : 10 Effective Tips That Really Works




If you want to prevent your restaurant from running into losses because of defects in planning then, you need to plan your restaurant on the basis of Vastu Shastra. If application of Vastu is not done when designing the restaurant then you may face obstacles. Restaurant designed on the basis of principles of Vastu, prospers and attracts customers.

This article offers you some useful guidelines for planning your restaurant, which are as follows:-

  • Design the restaurant in either square, hexagonal, octagonal, circular or rectangle shape.
  • Restaurants should avoid having a round top, as it attracts losses.
  • Main entrance of a restaurant should always face east, north or north-eastern directions.
  • Cash counters should face East or North.
  • Staff at the reception should face North or the East Direction as this gives them a positive attitude which leads to a good rapport with the clients.
  • Build the storage room in the South West corner of the building.
  • Install the AC plant in the South East corner.
  • Electrical equipment and The Kitchen of the Restaurant should be facing the South East zone. If the placement of the kitchen cannot be made in the South East direction then, it should be located in the North West zone.
  • There must be a large open space for the kitchen.
  • Cooks should face the East direction, while cooking.
  • Tables should be square or rectangular; a red or maroon tablecloth is recommended.
  • Keep a Fish Tank or a Similar Water Feature in the North East direction of the Restaurant as this ensures prosperity all throughout the year.
  • Washbasin is to be placed in the North East or the North zone of the restaurant.
  • The North East Side of the Restaurant should be kept clean and tidy.
  • Toilets should be situated in the North West or in the West direction of the restaurant.
  • Color of the wall should be mild and soothing to the eyes. Avoid using glossy or dark colors. Soothing colors produce a positive effect on the temperament and behavior of the customer. Use yellow, cream, orange and brown in the interior and in the menu design.
  • Ground floor should be apt for restaurant purposes.
  • Restaurant should be well ventilated and well illuminated.
  • Avoid beams, pillars, and arches in the restaurant as it attracts losses.

Follow the above mentioned tips and you shall experience a constant flow of customers in your restaurant. The fame and popularity of a restaurant is possible when it is constructed in accordance with the principles of Vastu.

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