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Top 10 Upcoming Localities in Bangalore of 2024






Today in this article we’ll discuss the top 10 Upcoming Localities in Bangalore where you can lead a good Standard of life. Bangalore is a beautiful Metropolis and is rapidly experiencing infrastructure expansion due to being the IT hub of India. In this article we have provided the list of one of the best localities in Bangalore that you should consider if you’re moving to the city. All of  these places  are well connected through public transportation and have world class amenities such as Schools, Colleges , Hospitals , Shopping Complexes , Commercial Space and Multiplexes. Apart from this these areas also boast lush green environments providing you the peace and tranquillity you need. These area are one of the best  if you’re looking for investment opportunity in Bangalore. So let’s have a look at them




1) Whitefield


Whitefield is one of the most posh areas in Bangalore that you’ll surely love to visit. This area is an up and coming residential neighbourhood where you’ll  find great town planning and increasing real estate demand for the past few years. Earlier Whitefield was nothing more than a village where you would have found a large field for cultivation. However since the tech park was set up in Bengaluru you’ll find that Whitefield is transforming into a growing IT centre. Whitefield is a masterfully planned area  that houses every amenity that is conveniently located in this area, including school, medical, and recreational facilities. Efficient transport links, including the Peripheral Ring Road and the Purple Line metro, link this thriving neighbourhood to the rest of the city. This area is bustling with investment and is currently considered one of the best neighbourhoods for investment in Bangalore.





2) Sarjapur Road

Sarjapur Road

Another famous upcoming locality of Bangalore is Sarjapur Road. This area is commercial in nature and you’ll find lots of commercial projects and infrastructure development in this area. There are lots of shopping malls , Hospitals and entertainment zones established at Sarjapur Road. Furthermore, this locality is well connected to lots of big schools and offices and houses a large number of cafes , parks and restaurants for your leisure.  In the past few years there has been a surge in the property rates making it a hit zone for investment activities. With lots of big IT offices such as Wipro, Infosys, Accenture, and Intel located in the area Sarjapur has become one of the prime locations for all the business owners and house buyers. Moreover this neighbourhood is close to other IT hubs such as Koramangala , Whitefield and Electronic City which make it all the more desirable.



3) Bellandur


Bellandur is a High demand real estate town in Bangalore , which is amongst yeh upcoming localities in the city. Bellandur is the house to tech parks like Ecosoace and Ecoworld. To house all the geeks working there, you’ll find lots of apartment and villa projects in Bellandur. Furthermore, this area also has good hospitals and schools , furthermore, you can also find one of the best malls and cafes of the city here too. In the past few years Bellandur has experienced a huge growth when it comes to real estate projects and prices. It is one of the best neighbourhoods to invest in Bangalore right now. Another popular place in Bengaluru is Bellandur, which is near to Koramangala, HSR Layout, and Sarjapur Road. Due to the substantial increase in connectivity that will occur upon the completion of the metro, this area is anticipated to undergo a significant transformation.





4) Panathur Main Road

Panathur is the leading residential area of Bangalore. You’ll find lots of housing projects coming to this area and being completed rapidly, on account of access to Outer Ring Road, that helps to connect North and South Bangalore. Furthermore, Panathur region is extremely close to big tech parks such as Bagmane Tech Park, Cessna Business Park, Embassy TechVillage, RMZ Ecospace and Ecoworld etc. Moreover, being a residential locality this area has lots of great schools , world class Medical facilities and booming businesses nearby. As the startup culture grew and MNCs started to expand, many tech firms started pouring into this locality because of its reliable infrastructure and  good connectivity through public transport. If you’re looking to invest, this upcoming neighbourhood in Bangalore is the safest bet for you.




5) KR Puram

Krishnarajapuram famously known as KR puram was founded way back in 18th Century by Tipu Sultan. This place was once an old village where the majority of the land was used for Agriculture and Allied activities. KR Puram is currently a bustling suburb of Bangalore with a large number of residential and commercial structures. It is a significant hub for transportation. The need for real estate in K R Puram has skyrocketed as a result of the large influx of developers and investors into the area in recent years. This is mainly because of how close the neighbourhood is to Whitefield and Marathahalli, as well as how many schools and hospitals are in the area. Furthermore, due to the completion of recent infrastructure projects such as the Elevated corridor has made KR Puram more connected to the other part of the city. Making it one of the best Upcoming Neighbourhoods in Bangalore.




6) Banashankari

Next in this list of Top Upcoming Localities in Bangalore is Banashankari. This area is becoming very popular in the real estate market and has become the prime choice for all those who are looking to buy a house. Banashankari offers world class amenities such as schools, Multiplexes, Hospitals  and Malls.  Furthermore, this area is very famous among IT professionals. As they can easily find lots of housing alternatives, be it flats or villas ,   that come with lots of amenities such as clubs , playgrounds and many more. This place was once an empty wasteland with nothing to offer but today it’s in one of the most sought after places in Bangalore. So if you’re looking for an area to invest this might be the right place for you.




7) Electronic City

Everyone who has heard of Bangalore has also heard of the Famous Electronic City. The house of the offices of several leading MNCs such as Wipro, Infosys, HCL , TCS and Siemens. This place  has become one of the most successful IT hubs in the city.  As there is a regular influx of new and young IT professionals all over India, the residential accommodations are always in demand  here. You’ll find lots of residential and projects coming up here in Bangalore. Moreover, this area also provides other amenities such as entertainment areas, Hospitals, Educational Institutions and commercial space. To further enhance the beauty of the area and to provide a good quality of life to all its residents you’ll also find lots of beautiful parks here in Electronic City, such as Hiranandani Upscale Park and Hebbagodi Lake Park. Moreover this area also has metro and public transportation connectivity that can take you anywhere in the City. So if you’re looking for investment opportunities this upcoming neighbourhood in Bangalore can be the right choice.




8) Hennur Road

Hennur Road area is a growing residential locality providing good housing opportunities to the residents of Bangalore. In addition to having good access to the Cantonment Railway station and the Kempegowda International Airport, the area also has good access to other cities. This area is convenient for people who want to travel to and from Bangalore’s largest tech park, Manyata Tech Park. It’s also close to some of the city’s top hospitals, schools, and restaurants serving a variety of international cuisines. In order to promote a feeling of belonging and community, Hennur organises a number of neighbourhood events. Due to the rising demand for real estate here, the government has also started to rapidly develop this area. You’ll see lots of solid infrastructure here. So if you’re looking for investment opportunities here . Bangalore this might be the right pick for you.






9) Thanisandra

Thanisandra is amongst one of the most famous Upcoming Localities in Bangalore and is rapidly undergoing huge development. This area is close to all the prominent areas and places in Bangalore such as Hebbal, Manyata Tech Park, Brigade Magnum, Brigade Opus and  Kirloskar Business Park. Which is why there is a huge demand for real estate here. Moreover, this area is located near Outer Ring road and Nagavara Circle which means easy accessibility to all the prominent areas in Bangalore. Furthermore you also find world class educational institutions , Hospitals , Malls and multiplexes here too. Furthermore, Thanisandra is just 30 Minutes away from the Bangalore International Airport which makes it another great location to invest in Bangalore.





10) Hebbal

Hebbal is a popular destination for nature lovers because of its verdant surroundings and picturesque views. It also has one of the city’s largest lakes. Due to its proximity to excellent infrastructure and the presence of multiple tech parks, the neighbourhood is becoming more and more well-liked for both residential and commercial purposes. Over the past several years, Hebbal’s real estate market has seen tremendous growth in demand. The area has seen a significant increase in the number of lavish residential and commercial complexes in recent years. Hebbal is the best area to find the ideal work-life balance because there are lots of shopping centres, hospitals, schools, and recreational facilities nearby. So if you’re looking for investment opportunities in Upcoming Neighbourhoods of Bangalore you must really check out this place.





So above was the list of top 10 Upcoming Localities in Bangalore. These areas are experiencing rapid transformation and the real estate prices are still not too high for investment. If you’re looking for a place in Bangalore where you can stay and maintain a good standard of lifestyle you must consider these localities. Furthermore , being the Silicon Valley of India Bangalore offers you an environment where you meet people from different cultures from all over India and world. Living in this kind of diversity is still a dream of many, but  you  can make it true by investing in one of these upcoming neighbourhoods of Bangalore.


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FAQ’s :-

1. Which localities are included in the list of the top 10 upcoming localities in Bangalore for 2024?
– The blog features details on the most promising neighborhoods, providing a comprehensive list for your reference.


2. What criteria were considered in selecting these upcoming localities?
– The selection is based on factors such as infrastructure development, real estate trends, amenities, and overall growth potential.


3. Are these localities suitable for residential purposes or are they focused on commercial development?
– The blog provides insights into the diverse nature of these upcoming localities, including information on residential and commercial prospects.


4. Can I find information about property prices and investment opportunities in these localities?
– Yes, the blog discusses property trends, prices, and potential investment opportunities in the highlighted localities.


5. Are there any upcoming infrastructure projects mentioned that contribute to the growth of these localities?
– Absolutely! The blog outlines significant infrastructure developments that are expected to boost the growth of these localities.


6. Is there information on schools, hospitals, and other essential amenities in these localities?
– Yes, the blog covers details on nearby educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and other essential amenities for residents.


7. How reliable is the information provided in the blog regarding the future prospects of these localities?
– The information is curated based on extensive research, market analysis, and expert opinions to offer reliable insights into the future prospects of the localities.


8. Can I expect lifestyle and recreational options in these upcoming localities?
– Certainly! The blog highlights lifestyle and recreational amenities available or planned for these localities to ensure a balanced living experience.


9. Is there information on the connectivity of these localities to major hubs in Bangalore?
– Yes, the blog covers the connectivity aspect, discussing transportation links and accessibility to major hubs in Bangalore.


10. How frequently will the information be updated to reflect any changes in the development of these localities?
– The blog is committed to providing up-to-date information, and updates will be made periodically to keep readers informed about changes and progress in the highlighted localities.

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