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Tortoise has Accepted as One of The Best Things in Modern Vastu .Tortoise as a creature has a long life and hence in Vastu, it shows Long Life. Therefore, for increasing the life span in old aged people,tortoise is recommended.Tortoise as a figurine is made out of a Different variety of materials; it is made of Resins, Mud, Metal, glass, crystal or wood. The figurine is found in many homes who believe in the tenets of Vastu. Placing the figurine of a tortoise in your home or office gives rise to several benefits in your life.

If you plan to place the figurine of a tortoise in your house or workplace, there are a few Vastu rules that should be followed. Some of them are as mentioned below:-

  • Place tortoise made of earthen material like mud or resin in the North East, Center or South West directions.
  • Tortoise made of metals should be kept in the North and North West directions or it can be kept in the Pooja Sthan. Metal tortoise helps in enhancing your career opportunities and gives a sense of great security. It provides longevity & freedom from fear.
  • Crystal tortoise figurines should be placed in South West or North West zones. It helps in eliminating negative energy and neutralizes them. It accelerates your career.
  • To enhance concentration, you can place the crystal tortoise near your study table.
  • Crystal tortoises are kept in the East direction for improving health. It helps in providing money stability, eliminates stress and brings good luck.
  • In case you are suffering from insomnia then, you can place the crystal tortoise near your head.
  • The crystal tortoise should be kept on a yellow cloth in your temple.
  • Keep a crystal tortoise in your cash locker, for a good flow of money.
  • For increase in sales, crystal tortoises can be kept in the cash drawer of your shop or showroom.
  • When the crystal tortoise is not in use then, it should be kept in a cotton pouch.
  • Wood figurines of tortoise should be kept in East or South East directions.
  • Wherever you place the figurine of the tortoise, it should always face the East direction.
  • To enhance the harmony of your family, it is best to place a tortoise family in the living room.
  • Tortoise figurines should be kept in water. It can be kept in a deep dish. Add some water and colored stones, which according to Vastu Shastra shall attract harmony, money, serenity, peace and long life in your home.
  • The water level in which the figurine of the tortoise is kept should be maintained. Sufficient water to soak the feet of the tortoise figurine must be there in the dish.

Follow the above mentioned tips and do keep a tortoise figurine in your house, if you wish to secure you and your family from financial crisis and bring harmony into your lives. There can be great benefits in our lives by implementing slight modifications in our lives.

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