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Queensland Amusement Park Chennai: Rides, Tickets & Tips





If you’re looking for a day filled with lots a if heart pounding thrills of a place to have a great picnic with family then Queensland Chennai is the place. This is one of the best Amusement Parks in India that you should definitely visit on your next trip to Chennai. We have prepared a comprehensive guide on Queens Land Chennai so that you can plan your day ahead.


History of Queens Land Chennai

queens land amusement park chennai

The Queens Land amusement park was established with the intention of becoming Chennai’s premier destination for leisure and entertainment when it opened its doors in 2003. The park has experienced tremendous growth and development since its founding, constantly adding new attractions and improving the visitor experience. Its transformation from a small amusement park to a large entertainment centre shows its dedication to excellence and innovation. Queens Land is different from all the other parks due to  its special qualities, which include a wide variety of rides and attractions suitable for guests of all ages and tastes. It stands out from other amusement park destinations thanks to its immersive experiences and themed zones.


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Attractions and Ride

 Queens Land Amusement Park Chennai

Queensland Amusement Park has more than 50 rides that will surely blow your mind away. Below is the list of some of the best rides and the requirements for each ride.


1. Free Fall Tower: Freefall tower is one of the tallest towers in South East Asia. You’ll feel the best thrill of your life here. In this ride you’ll be seated first then the ride will go up into the height of 150 ft in the air and after that it will suddenly drop.


  1. Alpen Blitz: Alpen Blitz is the fan favourite ride of the park. It is suitable for both teenagers and adults. Here you’ll be seated in the pairs of two and then the swing wil start rolling at 45 Degrees in the air. This ride was constructed in Germany and it is one of the best dizzying rides in the country.


  1. HIMALAYAN WATER RIDE: One of the biggest water rides in Asia is the well-known attraction in Queens Land. It is extremely enjoyable and travels a whopping 550 metres. The entire water pool is connected to other water slides and twisters, adding to the thrill of this ride for both adults and children.


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Attractions and Rides:

 Queens Land Amusement Park Chennai Attractions and Rides

Ride/Attraction Thrill Level Age Height Requirement Weight Limit
Himalayan Water Ride High 12+ 140 cm N/A
Alpen Blitz High 10+ 120 cm N/A
Free Fall Tower Moderate All Ages N/A N/A
Bumper Car Ride Moderate to High 8+ N/A N/A
Cable Car Ride Low All ages N/A N/A
Crazy Horses Moderate All Ages N/A N/A
Wave Pool Moderate All Ages N/A N/A


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Food Options Near Queensland Chennai

queens land amusement park chennai

You might be wondering about the food situation while going to Queensland, Chennai. It is normal to get hungry when your day is filled with lots of thrilling activities. Well worry not we have got you covered. Below is the list of some of the best restaurants and cafes that you should try while you’re at Queensland Chennai.

  •  Ze Flavors: Ze Flavours is a great fine dining restaurant located at a walking distance from Queens Land Amusement Park here you can find fresh juices, Indian, continental and Thai food, you can also get mouth-watering desserts here. So make sure to to check it out.
  • Fudkart A/C Restaurant:  Fudkart A/C Restaurant is located near Queensland Amusement Park. It is a great place to eat with family you’ll find delicious vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food, available in both a la carte as well as meal systems.
  • Punjabi Dhaba: Punjabi Dhaba is one of the best places or eat North Indian food near Queensland Amusement Park Chennai. You’ll love their north Indian thali or chicken kebabs, to fresh juices, traditional Makki di Roti and Sarson Saag and even hearty desserts.


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Ticket prices at Queensland Amusement Park Chennai

If you’re planning a trip to Queensland it is advised that you book the tickets in advance as there’s always a long line their and it can cost you your time. Below we have prepared the list of ticket price so that you can plan your trip ahead.

Ticket Type Weekdays Price (INR) Weekends/Holidays Price (INR)
Adult (Above 12) 750 750
Child (4-12) 650 650
Senior Citizen 750 750


Moreover , before visiting you should always check out the official website of Queensland Amusement Park Chennai , regarding any information or discounts on ticket price.


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Medical Facilities near Queens Land

Queens Land is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Chennai. This place is the land of fun. Apart from this Queensland is also surrounded by lots of clinics and hospitals. In case of any unforseen accidents and incidents in the park , you can go any of the nearby hospital and get the much needed treatment. So some of the best hospitals nearby are.


  1. Saveetha Medical College Hospital


  1. Hindu Mission Hospital


  1. Jaya Hospital


  1. Be Well Hospital Poonamallee


  1. NH Hospital


  1. Queensland Clinic


  1. Sundar Clinic


  1. J.M. Clinic


  1. Ezhil Clinic


  1. Get Well Clinic


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 Tips for Visitors

Time is crucial for the best possible experience at Queens Land. The summer months of March through May are the ideal times to visit Queens Land Chennai. At this time of year, the city’s temperatures can reach over 40 degrees Celsius, which makes the water rides even more enjoyable and refreshing. A summertime visit to the park is also more tolerable due to the reduced crowds. In addition, the park is a wonderful place to visit during the winter months of November through February, when you can spend wonderful days with your loved ones. The weather is still ideal for rides and picnics during this time. Moreover  you should try to visit on weekdays or during off-peak seasons to avoid the crowds. Another way to avoid the crush is to arrive early in the morning. Prioritise your favourite rides and shows when planning your day, and use any available park maps or schedules. Start with the most well-liked attractions first to avoid long lines later in the day. Remember to bring necessities like hats, sunscreen, cosy shoes, and a reusable water bottle so you can stay hydrated on your journey. Bringing snacks or choosing meal plans are other ways to save money and time.


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How To Reach Queensland Amusement Park Chennai

The Queensland Chennai Amusement park is located in  Poonamallee. Chennai has a robust public transportation system. From within the city you can take buses from anywhere to reach Queensland some of them are S554, S525, S549, S578, S553, S582, S502, S565, S565A, S591A, S562A, S591B and S591. All of these bushes go through Queensland and Stop there while on their daily route. Moreover, you can also read there by Metro. The nearest metro station to Queensland Chennai is Tambaram Station which is 16 KM away , you can take cab or taxis from there.



So this was your comprehensive guide to reach the Queensland Amusement Park Chennai. We have included all the necessary information that you might need to have unlimited fun their. Moreover, this place is an absolute must visit being one of the most famous amusement park in whole India.


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