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Paintings Play An Important Role in Vastu They Generate Energy.

Every object placed in the house has its own energy which produces a strong impact on the people staying in the house. There are few paintings which fail to evoke positive energies. Paintings have their own importance. Hence, it is essential to place them in the right direction to acquire the benefits of Vastu.

In case you wish to attract positive energies that influence education, health, finance, reputation, children and relationship then, the ideal way would be to decorate your home with paintings and pictures. Though the preference of paintings may vary from person to person but in case you want these paintings to draw vibrant energies then you need to follow certain basic rules when selecting the paintings.

Below mentioned are a few suggestions which shall help you add harmony to your house apart from style, through photos and pictures:-

  • Photo frames, mirrors, and pictures of Gods whom we worship should be placed on the North, North East and East walls.
  • Wallpaper of natural scenery should be placed on the North East wall.
  • In case you plan to decorate the West, South and South West walls then, you must refrain from using too bright scenery.
  • Place the photo frame of the departed souls of your family on the South facing wall. Avoid placing the photos of departed souls in the pooja room as it is considered unfavorable.
  • Photo frames of the living beings can be placed in the East direction.
  • Avoid placing pictures of a crying old woman, poverty, war, depressing pictures, or pictures of people fighting, struggling, angry people, eagles, battle scenes, and carnivorous animals in your home or office.
  • You can keep pictures of a group of running horses, sunrise, an ocean, a sea, mountains, waterfalls, gold, laughing Buddha, flowers and laughing children in your home or office as these pictures give you a feeling of peace of mind when you glance at it.
  • Place the photo of Panchmukhi Hanuman in the South West direction, for the safety of your home or office.
  • For prosperity, place the photo of Goddess Lakshmi in the East direction.
  • Place pictures of mountains in the South direction, at the entrance of your home or office.
  • Photo of Lord Ganesha should be kept such, that when you enter the house you should first be able to see the God.
  • Avoid keeping the entrance wall empty as it indicates loneliness.
  • Prayer room should be in the North East corner, east corner or in the central portion of the house and the pictures of God should be placed facing East.
  • Photos of Landscapes with water, pictures of lakes and rivers should be placed on the North and East walls.
  • Avoid placing photos of Gods in the Bedroom, or any pictures that depicts death, violence and negative aspects of life in the home or office.
  • Place the photos of Swastika and OM on the doors of your entrance, as it aids in keeping spirits and evil at bay.
  • For peace, keep some good and positive photos in the South West zone of your living room or bedroom.
  • In the children’s bedroom, place pictures of sunrise, running horse, or Goddess Saraswati in the East direction and make you child sleep with his head in the east.
  • Place trophies, framed certificates of your child in the south direction.

Paintings not only add an additional spark of grace to your house but it also draws vibrant energy into your home. Hence, follow the principles of Vastu and attract vibrant energy into your home.

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