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Top 15 Historical Places in Bangalore l Heritage Places 2024






Apart from being the Silicon Valley or the IT hub of India, Bangalore holds a deep historical significance too. Today we’ll discuss the Top Historical places of the Bangalore City that you should definitely visit to experience the rich culture and history of the city. These places tell us the story of how this magnificent city of Bangalore came into existence and become what it is today. You’ll definitely love the art and architecture of these places once you visit there. So let’s dive into the rich heritage of Bangalore City.



1. Bangalore Fort

Bangalore Fort

Originally constructed in 1537 as a mud fort by Kempe Gowda I, the founder of Bangalore, Haider Ali later renovated this historic building to become a stone fort. This royal residence was the epicentre of extravagance and magnificence, with its gothic windows, lush green gardens, and fortified towers. The echoes of lavish feasts, royal meetings, and covert political intrigues that once occurred within these walls are almost audible. Picture maharajas, maharanis, dukes, and duchesses lining the hallways, a perfect fusion of Indian and British nobility. The entry fee at Bangalore Fort is just 15 Rs and it’s open on all the days.




2. The Bull Temple

The Bull Temple

The enormous monolithic statue of Nandi at the 16th-century Bull Temple is what draws tourists in. The temple complex, a prime example of Dravidian architectural genius, is a haven of peace amidst the busy city. Devotion permeates the air, and stories from the Puranic tradition reverberate through the walls. This temple is a symbol of the long-standing religious customs in Bangalore and the importance of spirituality to the city’s cultural fabric. The entry to this beautiful temple in Bangalore is absolutely free and you can visit here any time of the day.




3. Mayo Hall

Mayo Hall

Mayo Hall appears to have stepped out of a historical novel, towering over the MG Road shopping district and the posh Central Mall. Constructed to honour Lord Mayo, the two-story structure was dedicated in 1883 and features a red and white colour scheme. The building, which has administrative offices on the lower floor and the Kempegowda Museum on the upper floor, is notable for its ornate architectural details. Moreover, entry to this historical place in Bangalore is absolutely free and it’s open between 10 AM to 5 PM on all days of the week except Saturday and Sunday.




4. Kempegowda Tower

Kempegowda Tower

Not only was Kempegowda the visionary chieftain who laid the foundation for Bangalore, but he was also an expert planner and an empire builder. According to legend, he imagined the limits of the city in 1537 and built four towers to mark them. Even though these towers are small in size when viewed in the present, their significance is immense. Open all day, this stunning historical monument in Bangalore is open for free admission.





5. Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace

This palace was built in 1791 and  was Tipu Sultan’s summer residence  situated close to Bangalore Fort. Currently containing a ground floor museum where you can marvel at exhibits such as the ruler’s clothing and crown, as well as portraits and silver vessels. The intricate interior design featuring arches and floral motifs, along with the Farsi inscriptions and Indo-Islamic details, are sure to delight history and architecture buffs. There’s an entry charge of INR 15 to visit this beautiful historic place in Bangalore.


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6. Someshwara Temple

The Someshwara Temple, which is over a thousand years old, is a symbol of Bangalore’s architectural and religious legacy. Its old grounds are filled with intricate carvings and inscriptions that narrate stories of mythology, lore, and devotion. One senses the eternal legacy of Dravidian temple architecture as well as the eternal faith expressed in every ritual carried out and chant uttered. This Lord Shiva sanctuary provides deep insights into the spiritual development of the area.





7. Vidhana Soudha

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to stroll through the corridors of power? Go to Vidhana Soudha, and you’ll find out. Although public access may be restricted, we believe the experience is well worth it. Considering that it was finished in 1956, the building is relatively new in comparison to other historical and cultural landmarks in the city. The state legislature is housed in this iconic building, which combines Indo-Saracenic and Dravidian architectural elements in its Neo-Dravidian architectural style. Be sure to check it out on Sundays and public holidays when the entire structure is exquisitely lit up!






8. Cubbon Park

In 1870, Sir Mark Cubbon’s vision became a reality with the creation of Cubbon Park, Bangalore’s green core. Imagine people from the Victorian era taking leisurely strolls and picnics as you meander along its well-kept paths. The park, which represents the contrast between nature and colonial influence, is scattered with statues, museums, and bandstands. It provides a welcome diversion from the bustle of the city. It serves as proof of Bangalore’s ongoing attempts to protect green areas in the face of accelerating urbanisation.





9. St. Mary’s Basilica

Bangalore’s St. Mary’s Basilica is a magnificent example of Gothic architecture that captivates tourists with its breathtaking beauty and grandeur. The basilica, which was built in the nineteenth century, is very important to the city’s history and religion. Its elaborate interiors, which are embellished with exquisite stained glass windows and elaborate artwork, produce a calm and reverent atmosphere. St. Mary’s Basilica, one of Bangalore’s oldest structures, is a treasured historical site that provides a window into the rich architectural history of the city. For those who are interested in spirituality and history, it is a must-visit location because of its majestic presence and tall spires.




10. St. Mark’s Cathedral

This modest church, located far from the hustle and bustle of Bangalore, is nestled on one end of MG Road and dates back more than 200 years! The building was first erected in 1808, but it has undergone numerous renovations over the years. The current design was finished in 1927. This iconic cathedral, which was inspired by St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, has a dome, Roman arches, and other colonial-style features in addition to a variety of other architectural features. Go ahead and take in the intricate carvings, beautiful stained glass, and immaculate church bell while you’re there!


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11. Bangalore Palace

Of all the historical sites in the city, Bangalore Palace, which has the appearance of an old English castle, is arguably the most well-known and well-liked. The stately palace was constructed in the Tudor Revival architectural style, featuring turrets and towers among other features, and is thought to have been modelled after Windsor Castle. Once you’ve finished examining the building, you’ll be astounded by the vivid colours, opulent furnishings, antique artwork, and even Gothic-style stained glass windows inside. Take a trip to Fun World, the amusement park inside the palace grounds, to cap off your day. The ticket here starts from INR 230 and you can visit anytime between 10 AM to 5:30 PM.




12. Attara Kacheri

Not only is Attara Kacheri the oldest building in Bangalore, but it is also a remarkable gem among the monuments of Bangalore, known as the High Court of Karnataka. This famous building, which dates back to the 19th century, is a stunning example of Neoclassical architecture with its elaborate arches and red brick façade. Corinthian columns and a stunning central tower adorn it. For more than a century, Attara Kacheri has been the seat of justice, observing several court cases and preserving the judicial heritage of the city. History buffs and lovers of architecture should not miss the building because of its architectural beauty and historical significance.



13. Government Museum

The Government Museum in Bangalore, which is said to be among the oldest in the nation and the second-oldest in South India, will take you on a historical tour. The museum was founded in 1865 and first occupied the Cantonment jail building before moving to its current site on Kasturba Road. The items within the Neoclassical building will undoubtedly keep you fascinated for hours, even though the building itself is captivating! The museum features eighteen galleries arranged over two levels, featuring displays in categories such as geology, numismatics, sculpture, and natural history. We’ve even heard of Mohenjo Daro artefacts! Be sure not to overlook the valuable Halmidi inscription, which is the older Kannada inscription.




14. Devanahalli Fort

The Devanahalli Fort is situated on 20 acres and is thought to have been constructed in 1501. Subsequently, the area inside the fort included multiple temples, including the residence of Tipu and Hyder Ali, before changing hands and eventually passing to Tipu Sultan! To find the birthplace of the Tiger of Mysore, keep an eye out for the enclosure situated outside the fort. We advise you to make a long drive out of it, and then stop for a satisfying meal at a roadside dhaba, given how close it is to the airport.




15. Lal Bagh

Of course, Lal Bagh is undoubtedly one of the most well-liked landmarks and tourist destinations in the ooru.  The vast garden was designed to resemble the Mughal Gardens in Sira, and it was built by Hyder Ali in 1760, with his son Tipu Sultan finishing the construction. The area is rich in flora and fauna and is home to the largest collection of tropical plants in India. Visit this place around Independence or Republic Day to see the famous flower displays. Open for 12 hours a day between 6 AM to 6 PM the entry ticket to this place is INR 20.



So above was the list of Top 15 Historical places in Bangalore. You Must definitely visit these places to know the rich history of Bangalore City. We have included the ticket price and timings where needed so that you can plan your trip ahead.


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