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Best Hollywood Movies Of All Time




Hollywood is a vast and renowned industry that has given many blockbuster movies appreciated by fans all over the world! The movies given by this industry are full of action, romance, drama, and comedy. Most of the movies produced by this industry are critically acclaimed and have received many esteemed awards. The directors of the Hollywood Industry tend to depict an everyday new approach towards life and have a great sense of direction! Such amazing skills help the directors in directing movies with ease and assists them in portraying what the scriptwriter wants to show in their scripts.

Unlike the other entertainment industries of the world, Hollywood has been consistently performing well by giving prime results. There are many movies that have a brilliant narrative and an amazing story plot that engages the viewer. These astounding movies carry the power to change the world and give a newfound sense of direction to humanity. These movies have an entirely separate fanbase and have contributed to the box office in an extremely significant way. Therefore, here is a list of some of the most amazing and baffling movies that Hollywood has to offer!


  • Main cast – Sung Hi Lee, Kang Ho Song, Yeo Jeong Jo, So Dam Park, Woo Sik Choi, Young Hwan Jang, Sin Ae Kwak
  • Director – Bong Joon Ho
  • Genre – Drama, Crime, and Comedy

This beautifully directed movie ‘Parasite’ is a captivating and sensational movie that covers a lot of prevalent social satire. The screenplay of this movie focuses on the financial disparity among the rich and the poor. It focuses on the predisposed image that the rich class has regarding the financially weaker people in society. It also focuses on the reality and depth of disparity amongst the classes of our society.

Apart from the amazing script writing of Bong Joon Ho and Han Jin Won, the actors also have acted brilliantly in this movie! The cast was able to portray each and every emotion perfectly and was able to vividly depict the perspective of the scriptwriter and the director. Overall, it is a mind-blowing movie that keeps you engaged on the edge of your chair. It is a must-watch movie that is sure to put you on a roller coaster ride of emotions!


  • Main cast – Benedict Cumberbatch, Richard Madden, Andrew Scott, Dean Charles Chapman, Mark Strong, Colin Firth, Daniel Mays, George Mackay, Adrian Scarborough
  • Director – Sam Mendes
  • Genre – Drama, War

‘1917’ is a war drama that displays an eccentric and strange story of two British battalions consisting of 1600 tommies who were steered into a trap set up by the German forces. The plot of this movie revolves around a pair of soldiers who are assigned a close-to-impossible mission of delivering a warning to the chief party about the dangers that are awaiting them. The task becomes more challenging when the main protagonist learns that the battalion of his older brother is scheduled to challenge the enemy the very next day. This fuels him up to complete the impossible task at hand.

The movie is amazingly shot, and the direction of Sam Mendes is unparalleled. The cast of the movie is able to successfully show the real struggles that soldiers face at the battlefront. The setting of this movie seamlessly depicts the era of WWI. Overall, it is an amazing movie that is just so enthralling that you start to feel like the protagonist of the movie. It is an absolute must-watch for all the war enthusiasts and history fans!


  • Main cast – John David Washington, Elizabeth Debicki, Robert Pattinson, Micheal Caine, Kenneth Branagh, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Martin Donovan, Andrew Howard, Anthony Molinari, Dimple Kapadia
  • Director – Christopher Nolan
  • Genre – Action, Sci-fi

Tenet is a mind-blowing and baffling movie directed by the extremely talented director Christopher Nolan. Nolan, who is already known worldwide for making mind thrilling hits like Inception, Interstellar, The Dark Knight, and Dunkirk, now adds the amazing Tenet to his marvelous collection. This movie has a really unique concept and has an angle of direction that was not previously explored by any other director. This astonishing magnum opus shows the repercussions of the inevitable catastrophes that humankind ultimately brings upon itself and how a single man stands as the last stand between doom and humanity.

The plot of this movie revolves around the end of the entire world and a protagonist who has been assigned a special secret mission to stop the doomsday from happening. The lead cast, John David Washington (the protagonist), is given the ability of temporal inversion and is sent off with Robert Pattinson (Niel). The character development in the entire movie is fantastic, and the entire plotline leads to a fabulous climax! This piece of art by Christopher Nolan is worth a watch!

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

  • Main cast – Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Rebecca Ferguson, Michelle Monaghan, Venessa Kirby, Simon Pegg, Sean Harris, Angela Bassett, Alec Baldwin, Joey Ansah, Wes Bentley, Ving Rhames, Ffion Jolly, Charlie Rhea Esquer.
  • Director – Christopher McQuarrie
  • Genre – Action, Thriller, Adventure

The sixth edition of the mission impossible series comes with a dazzling bang! The entire series has aged and matured like a fine wine giving a new direction to the entire cinematic world. The lead actor, Tom Cruise, is an amazing actor who knows how to push and break all the physical barriers that limit an actor. Even though the actor is 58 years old, the charisma and the physical prowess of the actor can be clearly seen in this movie! In addition to such a marvelous acting skill set that Tom Cruise holds, the directors and the producers of the movie have done a brilliant job in keeping the viewers coming back for more.

The plot of the ‘Mission impossible: Fallout’ revolves around the repercussions of Ethan Hunt and his one mistake, where he chooses his team over others. And henceforth, Ethan is blamed for the fallout of all his good intentions and the catastrophic effects that they bring. The movie brings back some old friends and foes to the party and introduces new agencies like the CIA that brings along a new character to the picture, August Walker (Henry Cavill). The movie is just perfect and keeps you hooked on till the end giving constant chills down the spine with excitement!

Robin Hood

  • Main cast – Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx, Eve Hewson, Jamie Doman, Paul Anderson, Ben Mendelsohn, Tim Minchin , Josh Herdman,
  • Director – Otto Bathurst
  • Genre – Adventure, Thriller, Action

We all know the legend of Robin Hood and the good that hood brings. However, this brilliant movie portrays the transformation of the Robin of Loxley into Robin Hood. The movie is well-directed and covers almost all the angles revolving around the fable of Robin Hood. To top that off, the acting of Taron Egerton (Robin of Loxley), Jamie Foxx (Little John), and Eve Hewson (Lady Marian) – is just out of the box! All of them have perfectly portrayed each and every emotion in the entire movie.

The main plotline of this movie revolves around the transformation of the Robin of Loxley into the legend that is still known by all. The movie starts off with Robin being called to the holy crusade, where he experiences the true horrors of this crusade and wants to bring it to an end. He goes back to his home and discovers the atrocities of the aristocracy there, and starts his training to be the infamous hood of England. The movie is a must-watch and will keep you engaged up for the entire time period.


All the movies mentioned above are extremely popular and have been recognized by various institutions for the talented artwork of the actors and the director. The movies beautifully narrate the perspective of the scriptwriter and the director. All these movies have insanely engaging plots and are overall very well directed. You should definitely watch the movies mentioned on this list to explore the awesomeness that the Hollywood industry has to offer!

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